What is my house worth?

What is my house worth?

Hello, My Name is James Outland. I created Free House Quotes in 2007 to help homeowners like you. I wanted to help you answer those questions. What is my house worth? If I were to list my home for sale what would the range be? I developed the Free House Quotes site to give you a better experience than just the automated online quotes. Some automated online valuations can be in the ballpark where lots of similar housing exists. I start seeing issues in my local real estate markets where we have a new construction next to old homes. The value could also be in the land if it’s zoned correctly and meets the current county or city codes to offer development potential. Why is that? It’s hard to build a computer to tell you who much value to you place on a view and better yet define a look. How about dealing with the proximity a home is to a road? How do you factor in road noise or traffic? I find living and working locally and seeing how properties on corners near traffic and noise, tend to be on the market longer and usually selling lower than other single family neighborhood homes. Living on Central Coast helps you and me to go comparable homes. I remember not to far in the distant past when the number of currently listed homes was so low it made finding three similar comparable homes much more difficult that have sold in the last 90 days. That was just another factor when trying to obtain the most comparable dwellings and why I see some online valuations struggle. Another issue is the time delay with a low number of sold homes closing. One could see what looked to be a spike in a price, but it was just the homes apricating and taking the time to get listed on MLS and county data. When you look at sold records it’s not just what homes are selling for now but what the current inventory is doing along with seasonal adjustments. If I showed you the seller sold data over last years 5 years you will see the natural home curve that looks similar to a side bell. The market is generally slower at the start and end of the year and peaking in most markets around or a bit after midyear. It just happens that way every year since I started in the early 2000’s on my real estate career. This will play into what your home is worth because as the market changes inventory can be building and shrinking along with home buyer demand. When you are looking at different online real estate portals they can give you a lot of information, however not often found in the details is the knowledge of your local market. This is where a local professional adds a lot of value and something automated values lack in my experience. The real estate market is always in some kind of adjustment either up or down however rarely does it tend to stay flat. I have worked in both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County and have sold over 700 homes over the years. That experience has allowed me to grow and experience different markets around the Central Coast. If you find yourself looking online for a home valuation, please go to my website www.FreeHouseQuotes.com. Please note you will be contacted by me, my staff or preferred real estate partner to complete your Free House Quote. I created this as a Free Service for homeowners like you looking for a local real estate professional that you can talk with in detail about the reports and current listings. I want you to find the experience a useful and confident to be able to ask the questions you have about the current real estate market. If you would like to take it another step beyond we can talk about completing a seller’s net sheet. The seller’s net sheet will allow you to gauge the cost of sale so you’ll have a better idea of what proceeds you’ll have from the sale. What sets free house quotes apart from so many online sites is you will get me, my staff or another local experienced real estate professional who will complete your house quote request. Free House Quotes and our partners what to be you got to choose for home valuations and real estate needs.

I know I look forward to hearing from homeowners like you so we can all work together to help answer your question of, what is my house worth?
It’s been a pleasure to have you have read this far; I look forward to hearing from you so that I can help you with your real estate needs.

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James Outland
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