Want to sell my Rental, but first what is worth?

Want to sell my rental but first need to know the worth?

Let Free House Quotes and our local professionals help assist you. We understand rentals can be a sensitive situation as you may not wish to notify the tenants or alert them you are thinking of selling. We can start off without valuation without visiting the property. However, we find estimates are more accurate after seeing the property in person. Doing so will allow us to help narrow the price range getting you a better valuation. When you become ready to list and sell your rental property, we can coordinate and give the occupants proper notice. Tip#1: When you do valuations you should also try to do marketing images! Why? We find it’s better to limit the interactions with the occupants to reduce the stress the sale may cause. Tip#2 always get a photo release from each unit and coordinate if they want any items not to be photographed. We have had occupants for many reasons request not to have digital images. Let’s get started helping you with finding your rentals properties value. “Click Here.” If you are an out of area owner like many, we can talk about emailing a report, or if you would like a hard copy, please let us know where you would want it delivered. I often find reports are needed multiple family members, tax professionals or other involved in a trust sale so we can email additional reports or you can forward the PDF. If you need more than one hard copy, let us know. I look forward to working with you to help you get the information you need to be informed about today’s real estate market for selling your rental property. If you can’t find your property on the www.FreeHouseQuotes.com site, please use this link FHQ Form to just complete your information so we can get back with you.

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