Need to Sell My House

Need to Sell My House

If you’re knowing you need to sell my house soon and are looking for a local real estate professional to create a custom market presentation you have come to the right web page. We are a family owned local business that has produced over 700 home valuations and helped more than 700 owners sell properties. is the perfect tool for anyone who is a position who needs to sell. Why? We are local to the Central Coast and are Real Estate Brokers. The valuations completed will be off the MLS and title information, however, at times, we need to reach out and ask additional questions about properties as different sources can show conflicting information. You will see a custom house evaluation based on the comparable property around the subject. Currently, the similar homes will be what they are however when someone needs to sell a house; pricing can be significant! One of many examples we have seen is a property that is vacant, and you are making monthly mortgage payments, you can no longer afford. We often have homeowners in high HOA, and Mobilehomes in leased parks who want to get a property moved asap as those high fees can eat any proceeds. I have helped many other clients over the years complete short sales, get just enough money to avoid a short sale or avoid a future foreclosure. Maybe you have an estate property that now needs to be sold, and that is why you are saying it’s time I need to sell my house. No matter your situation, please visit and complete our online form to get started. While we reach out, we can talk about the details and your specific needs/questions.

We look forward to getting started with you asap.


James Outland Jr.

Owner/ Creator of Free House Quotes

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